Activities and Community

The Resto Plateau community comes from its members

By dreaming and sharing our ideas with each other, we’re able to develop all sorts of stimulating and interesting activities.

Upcoming activities

We are pleased to invite you to an open house on Thursday, May 12th to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Resto Plateau! We have put together a special day to celebrate our community and to spend an unforgettable moment together!

Come help us make the decorations for our 30th anniversary open house at Resto Plateau!

Come and discuss the changes you want to make to Resto Plateau!

Come and chat over a hot drink and a juice!

Baskets of fruits and vegetables at low cost, to promote access for all to a healthy and balanced diet!

Diners Committee

Your opinion counts! We regularly organize discussion committees to hear your recommendations for your community restaurant.

Our mid-life facilitator is also there to listen to you every day at dinner time!

Creative workshops

Led by a volunteer, these workshops were held during the summer of 2020. They covered a variety of themes: travel, freedom…

Participants created poems, paintings and drawings!

Activity Committee

Everyone is welcome to join our activity committee. Its members propose ideas and ways to create a welcoming and enriching environment.

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Activities and Community

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