Every day, our committed volunteers contribute to the mission and the vision of Resto Plateau through their professionalism, motivation, ideas and creations.

Volunteering in our organization means:

  • Having the opportunity to acquire new skills and experiences and develop your networks, all while contributing to our mission.
  • Helping Resto Plateau benefit from new ideas, mutual aid and concrete operational support.
  • Being a key part of constructing a more equitable and democratic society built on participation and commitment from all of its members.
  • Helping everyone in their social and workplace integration.

Volunteering at Resto Plateau

Here are a few examples of projects you can work on as a Resto Plateau volunteer:

  • Welcoming restaurant patrons, guiding those with reduced mobility, and sharing your energy and joie de vivre with our guests!
  • Helping the dishwashing crew
  • Helping out during special events: Christmas dinner, trips…
  • Serving drinks and selling meals at our takeout counter
  • Bringing your specific skills to certain projects (for example: legal aid, human resources)
  • Helping with our annual cleanup day
  • Working with the Board of Directors, using your knowledge of governance to help the project
  • Participating in career workshops for workers in our training program (for example: interview tests).


Get Involved!

Want to get involved with Resto Plateau? Have any questions about volunteering? Let’s chat!

Resto Plateau Volunteers

Nathe Perrone (they/them)


514 527-5997, poste 2376

Resto Plateau accepts donations!

Thanks to your help and donations, Resto Plateau can continue planning new projects and increasing its social and societal impact.

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