About Us

Supporting inclusion and access to food security since 1992


Resto Plateau is a non-profit organization and social economy actor with the mission of supporting autonomy, inclusion and access to resources to respond to essential needs like food security in the Montreal community and its surrounding areas.

Resto Plateau’s role as a workplace integration employer means that it offers its program participants more than just a job, but also professional training and personalized social support, so that they can successfully enter the labour market and develop careers in the restaurant industry.

Its role in the community means that Resto Plateau is a welcoming space where everyone can share healthy meals at an affordable price.

Resto Plateau also works with people experiencing food insecurity or isolation by supporting their food self-sufficiency as well as their social autonomy, in partnership with other community actors.


Helping to build an inclusive society where everyone has space to grow with dignity.

Our Values

Engagement is in our DNA at Resto Plateau. We want to make a significant impact on the lives of the people who make use of our integration services and food self-sufficiency or social support services. We make a commitment to them, as well as to our partners and financial supporters, our members, and the community, that we will continue to carry out our mission, provide good results and, come what may, continue to show up for our community.

What does this look like in reality?

  • Each member of the team provides their unique contribution to supporting the realization of our mission in alignment with our values.
  • We regularly question our methods and approaches to ensure that we are always improving and developing as individuals and as an organization.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, results, and resource use.

Here at Resto Plateau, inclusion means welcoming every individual in their integrity and embracing our differences. It means designing and offering approaches and services to give an equitable opportunity to everyone. It means fostering and encouraging active participation from everyone from a perspective of mutual respect.

What does this look like in reality?

  • We include workers in training, restaurant patrons, partners, volunteers, the Board of Directors and employees in decisions that affect them and value their contributions.
  • We consider the specific situation of each person in our integration program in order to provide them with support that is tailored to their needs.
  • We seek out ideas from participants in our community actions and consider their needs when developing projects.

At Resto Plateau, we express our creativity through our ability to imagine innovative solutions to respond to the needs of the people we support. This means demonstrating resourcefulness on a daily basis and continually adapting to new situations with the resources we have available.

What does this look like in reality?

  • We stay informed on new situations, methods, and developments in our different fields and are attentive to our environment at all times.
  • We are free to express our ideas and welcome those of others, whether from our colleagues, external partners, volunteers or restaurant patrons.
  • We fearlessly launch new projects and new approaches to work or support practices to increase our social impact.

Developing a sense of empowerment is critical to our support and intervention methods at Resto Plateau, as well as to our approaches to teamwork and to the role of each employee. Valuing empowerment means targeting autonomy, demonstrating trust, contributing to dialogue and providing each person with tools so that they can make decisions, whether for themselves or for Resto Plateau.

What does this look like in reality?

  • We are firmly convinced that each person is capable of making positive steps toward their own development.
  • We believe that everyone has the potential to be an expert on their own lives and is the best person to make informed decisions for themselves.
  • We support each person in their process of developing their own autonomy and decision-making skills.
  • We empower each employee or work team with by giving them the autonomy to make decisions, allowing us to support individual and collective accomplishments.

Solidarity, for Resto Plateau, means working with other community actors, coming together to mutually support one another and contributing to an inclusive society where everyone has space to grow with dignity.

What does this look like in reality?

  • We work together, we support one another, and we value teamwork. The complementarity of our different teams and the collaboration between them is key to the successful execution of our mission.
  • We are capable of stating our needs and asking for help, both at an individual level and a collective one.

We offer our support and help to other community actors. We share our knowledge, ideas and tools.


Board of Directors

  • Aimé Chartier, President
  • Rattanak Biv, Vice-President
  • Francois-Nicolas Landry, Treasurer
  • Fedor Jila, Secretary
  • Jennifer Assogba, Director
  • Danielle Dumas, Director
  • Christian Vaillant, Director
  • Francis Picard, Director
  • Eve-lyne Poulin, Director

Staff Members


  • Audrey Mougenot, Managing Director
  • Lina Arruda, Accounting Manager
  • Amandine Raimbault, Coordinator of Finance, Administration and Process Optimization
  • Antoine Prillieux, Accounting assistant
  • Emmanuelle Porcher, Administrative assistant
  • Natacha Gwizdalla, Communication and Marketing Officer


  • Gaëlle Descary, Community and Communications Director
  • Emmanuelle Beauvais-Lacasse, Food Security Project Officer
  • Nathe Perrone, Animation of the living environment


  • Sophie Plante, Director of Production
  • Julie Flynn-Robitaille, Operations Manager

Workplace Integration

  • Andrée Louis-Seize, Integration Director
  • Line Laframboise, Recruitment Officer
  • Simon Talbot, Employability and special projects officer projects
  • Rachelle Bolduc, Psychosocial Support Worker
  • Janic Diotte, Psychosocial Support Worker
  • Yann Cadic, Kitchen Trainer


  • Charlotte Levisse, Sales Coordinator
  • Félix Donadieu, Sales Consultant
  • Steve Blais, Delivery
  • Emileigh Kozdas, Catering production Chef
  • Isabelle Arbour, Catering Sous Chef
  • Martin Dostaler, Cook
  • Mouaad Azennoud, SPVM  Assistant Cook

Central Kitchen

  • Siham Belhaissi, Kitchen production Chef
  • Murielle Vézinet-Rochette, Sous Chef
  • Jhoane Louis, Kitchen trainer
  • Anis Mizouni, Head of dishwashing


Over the last year, 97 individuals performed a total of 1964 hours of volunteer work. We are so grateful for each and every one of them!

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